Install MetaMask

Install and Setup MetaMask if needed.

MetaMask Download

MetaMask will work with Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge, iOS, and Android. Follow prompts and either import an exsting wallet or create a wallet. Be sure to save your password and secret words in a secure location. You will need these these to restore your account if using a new login device.

Configure MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain

MetaMask is defaulted to the Ethereum Mainnet Network. This will not work with Binance Smart Chain DApps. You will want to add the Binance Smart Chain network. Click the logo in the upper right corner of your MetaMask wallet. Select Settings, then Networks, and then Add Network.

There are two Binance Smart Chain networks you can add. The mainnet, where real BSC transactions and tokens are created and the testnet, where you can add fake BNB and practice making transactions and creating tokens.

These are the parameters for each network:


      Network Name: Smart Chain

      New RPC URL:

      Chain ID: 56

      Currency Symbol: BNB

      Block Explorer URL:


      Network Name: Smart Chain - Testnet

      New RPC URL:

      Chain ID: 97

      Currency Symbol: BNB

      Block Explorer URL:

Save the network. The network can now be selected in the network dropdown box. Your wallet is now configured to the Binance Smart Chain and/or Binance Smart Chain-Testnet networks.

Transactions and Creating Tokens

We will use the Binance Smart Chain-Testnet network to provide an example of how transactions are performed and how to create a token using

First we will add funds to the Smart Chain-Testnet wallet.

Ensure that you are connected to the Smart Chain-Testnet in the network dropdown box. Click on Account 1 to copy your Smart Chain address. The address is used as a location to send and receive funds.

Click the Binance Smart Chain Faucet link:

Faucet Link

This is where fake BNB can be transferred to your testnet address for testing purposes. Paste your address in the Input your Binance Smart Chain address block and select an amount in the Give me BNB drop down menu. The amount selected will be sent to your Smart Chain-Testnet wallet and reflected in BNB.

Next we will transfer funds using the Smart Chain-Testnet wallet

Click send. In the Add Recipient box input the address to which you want to send funds. You can use this address for testing purposes: 0xB46A93d4af25BFF49f5873907AEDc434CE40dffF This is simply the address for Smart Chain-Testnet wallet. If you like, you can create another wallet and transfer funds there. Set the amount to be sent to 0.1 and click next. The amount to be sent and estimated gas fee will be listed. Click Confirm. You have now transferred funds and your balance will be updated.

Finally we will create a test token using the Smart Chain-Testnet wallet on

Click Create Now for a Standard token on You should notice that if you have not yet connected your wallet the network and wallet show as not connected. Click connect if you have not yet connected your wallet. The network you are on and the wallet address now appear. Input a token name, symbol, and supply and select next. Review the information is correct and click deploy token. The cost of the contract and estimated gas fees are shown in MetaMask. Click confirm. Congratulations you have created a test token!!! Click Add Token to Wallet, the created token will list in MetaMask, click Add Token in MetaMask. Your newly created token now appears in your Smart Chain-Testnet wallet!!!

To create a real token simply you will need to have real BNB Smart Chain currency in your wallet using the Smart Chain Mainnet Network.