Install MetaMask

Install and Setup MetaMask if needed.

MetaMask Download

MetaMask will work with Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge, iOS, and Android. Follow prompts and either import an exsting wallet or create a wallet. Be sure to save your password and secret words in a secure location. You will need these these to restore your account if using a new login device.

Configure MetaMask to Polygon/Matic Network

To add the Matic Network to MetaMask click the logo in the upper right corner of your wallet. Select Settings, then Networks, and then Add Network.

These are the parameters for the Matic Network:

    Network Name: Matic Network

    New RPC URL:

    Chain ID: 137

    Currency Symbol: MATIC

    Block Explorer URL:

Save the network. The network can now be selected in the network dropdown box. Your wallet is now configured to the Matic Network.

Fund and Transfer Assets to Matic Network

In order to start making transaction using Matic you will need to fund your wallet using a faucet. This should be enough to cover gas prices to transfer assets to the Matic Network.

Here are a couple links to Matic faucets:

    Faucet #1

    Faucet #2

There are many ways to transfer assets/bridge assets to the Matic Network. We recommend bridging BSC to Matic to save on gas prices. This is a well written step by step process: BSC to Matic Instructions